Durable Dental Implants in Loveland

loveland dental implant restorationsAt the dental practice of Ben Kaseff, DMD, we believe your smile should look, feel, and function at its best. Regardless if you have lost one tooth or many, our dentist and his dedicated team can help rebuild your smile with dental implant restorations.

Replacing teeth with Dr. Kaseff means you will receive care backed by extensive training and experience. He has taken advanced training at The Dawson Academy, participated in many Spear Study Groups, and received his fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantology. Our dentist applies these credentials to provide single and multiple tooth replacement and full mouth restoration.

Dr. Kaseff also works closely with a trusted local specialist for precise dental implant placement. Our dentist uses this collaboration to combine expertise with trusted techniques to ensure we meet all your tooth replacement needs. We proudly serve those in need of dental implant treatment throughout Loveland. Contact us today to get started!


What Are Dental Implants?

Learn what a dental implant isNatural, healthy teeth consist of roots and crowns. Dental implants work to replace the entire structure. Implant posts are made of titanium and serve as the new and permanent tooth root. They are the only restoration option that becomes part of the jaw and can replace any teeth missing in your smile. Implants consist of three parts; the post, the abutment, and the restoration.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

When surgically placed in the jaw by our trusted specialist, dental implants fuse with living tissue and bone. The bonding process is known as osseointegration. This is vital for providing a durable, secure, and lasting foundation for your future implant-supported restoration.

Your Implant-Supported Restoration Options from Dr. Ben Kaseff

When reviving your smile after tooth loss, our dentist provides solutions designed to restore function, beauty, and oral health. Dr. Kaseff can replace a single missing tooth up to all teeth lost in your smile. He insists on only offering options crafted from the highest quality of durable and safe materials.

Our available implant restorations include:

  • Crowns that replace a single missing tooth when supported by one implant
  • Bridges that restore several lost teeth in a row when supported by two implants
  • Partial dentures for replacing multiple teeth
  • Complete dentures for restoring an upper and lower arch of missing teeth

Dr. Kaseff can perform full-mouth restoration by using four to eight dental implants. Our dentist also offers the All-On-4® dental implant treatment method.

How Can I Know Which Option is Right for Me?

Which implant restoration you require depends on how many teeth need replacing. Dr. Kaseff determines this with an in-depth consultation, dental exam, and careful treatment planning. We use advanced dental x-rays to obtain detailed images of remaining teeth, your gums, and jawbone.

Our dentist performs a thorough exam, visually checking every inch of your smile, and documenting his findings. This information is vital for choosing which restoration is best suited to your needs as well as the number of implants to support your personalized treatment plan.

What is the All-On-4 Implant Method?

All-On-4 involves attaching dentures to secure your smile using just four dental implants. Dr. Kaseff often performs this procedure when no natural or healthy teeth remain. It can be used for replacing the upper or lower jaw, providing you with full function and beauty once more.

All-On-4 can be especially beneficial if you have lost bone mass in your jaw due to advanced gum disease or prolonged tooth loss. Our local implant specialist places four implants at strategic angles to make the best use of the available jawbone.

Can Anyone Get Implants?

ideal patient for dental implants in LovelandAdults in good dental and general health often make ideal candidates for dental implants. Typically, long-lasting results require enough jawbone volume to hold implants. Gums free of inflammation and disease are also essential to ensure successful treatment.

Does Getting Dental Implants Hurt?

Placing dental implants requires surgery. As with any procedure, some soreness and discomfort are expected. If swelling, pain, or bleeding persist after a few days, contact Dr. Kaseff and our Loveland team right away.

How Long Can Dental Implants Last?

Implants are designed to last years, even decades. Their lifespan depends on how well you take care of your smile. The best thing you can do is be diligent about your oral hygiene and visit our office every six months for your professional cleaning and exam. With proper care, your dental implants could last a lifetime.

Dental Implant Restorations to Restore Your Smile for Good!

Dr. Ben Kaseff and his team proudly serve our Loveland community with complete dental implants and supported restorations. With his experience, extensive training, unique credentials, and collaboration with a trusted specialist, our dentist can completely restore your smile after tooth loss. Contact the dental practice of Ben Kaseff, DMD, to schedule your consultation today!


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