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Dental crowns are one of the most durable and dependable restorations available. Dr. Ben Kaseff provides crowns of the highest quality using a variety of materials. Our dentist applies his extensive skill and a keen eye for detail when recommending treatment.

Whether you require repairs or full tooth replacement, we offer all types of dental crowns to meet your every need. Dr. Ben Kaseff and our team provide these resilient restorations to patients throughout Loveland. Contact us today to get started!


What Are Crowns & How Do They Work?

Dental crowns in LovelandDental crowns, also called caps, are designed to feel, function, and look like a natural and healthy tooth. They are a type of restoration commonly used for treating a damaged tooth. Crowns work by enclosing an entire tooth down to the gum line. Their purpose is to protect and preserve the structure of a natural tooth.

Do I Need a Crown?

Unfortunately, the signs and symptoms of needing a crown are not always obvious. For this reason and many others, we recommend visiting our office for a thorough dental exam. Biannual checkups allow us to evaluate your current dental health and examine your teeth.

We check for signs of wear, damage, and decay to determine whether you need a restoration or not. If you do require a crown, we educate you about your options and plan treatment accordingly.

7 Common Signs You Need a Dental Crown

Dr. Ben Kaseff and our team strive to preserve your natural tooth whenever possible. Often, this is made possible with dental crowns. Below are seven of the most common signs you may need a crown.

  1. You have a severely chipped, cracked, or fractured tooth.
  2. You have worn-down teeth due to bruxism or clenching.
  3. You have a larger cavity or filling.
  4. You have a weak or painful tooth.
  5. You have a missing or lost tooth.
  6. You have deep enamel discoloration.
  7. You have undergone root canal therapy.

What to Expect from the Crown Process

Crown treatment process in LovelandGetting dental crowns in Loveland often requires two visits to complete. Our dentist begins treatment with a detailed consultation and exam. The first appointment typically involves a thorough discussion about your concerns, goals, and expectations. We take a series of x-rays to capture images of your smile, including your teeth, gums, and underlying bone.

Once our team determines that a crown is best for you, we prepare your tooth or teeth in need of treatment. We then take impressions of your smile and send them off to a trusted local lab that crafts your custom restoration. Our dentist places your new crown on your second visit. We will adjust your crown as needed to ensure a proper bite and comfortable fit.

FAQs About Dental Crowns in Loveland

We are here to be your ultimate resource for all your questions regarding dental crowns and treatment. Our dentist and team have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions inquired by patients at our office!

How Long Do Crowns Last?

Crowns are dental restorations designed to last. Typically, they can last anywhere between five to fifteen years. Their longevity depends on multiple factors. These include location, materials used, diet and lifestyle habits, and your oral hygiene routine.

The total price of crown treatment varies from individual to individual. This is because these restorations are highly personalized to your needs, goals, and preferences. Various other factors also determine costs. The most common include insurance benefits, crown location, and materials used.

Just as with any treatment, crowns also require optimal care to last longer. The good news is that you can treat your new restoration like your natural teeth! Our dentist recommends brushing twice a day and floss every evening. Be sure to rinse with an approved mouthwash to reduce bacteria. It would be best if you visited our office twice a year for routine prevention with professional dental cleanings and exams.

Protect Your Natural Smile Today!

Your teeth are vital for lasting oral health, function, and beauty. Dr. Ben Kaseff and our team provide durable and lifelike crowns in Loveland to protect your smile. Our restorations are built to last and custom-made to you! Contact our office for your consultation today!


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